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Ravine Gardens State Park Palatka Florida :: Rolling, Rolling, Keep Them Wheels a Rolling - Winter 2015-2016

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Before leaving the St. Augustine area, because of repeated suggestions of cousin Connie and her family, we paid a short visit to Ravine Gardens State Park.

146 acres, this park is a combination of formal and natural gardens.  The gardens were developed by the City of Palatka, the Federal Civial Works Administration (CWA) and the Works Progress Administration (WPA) from 1933 to 1939.

The formal gardens include this area:

Man reading the plaque placed in the wall, it reads, Federal Emergency Relief Administration Project, 1933 1934.  The retaining walls and stone stairways were beautiful.

We took about a mile walk around the park, including this suspension bridge.

The theme of the gardens when planted was azaleas.  By 1934 over 95,000 had been planted.  They were, of course, not blooming when we visited, but, I did manage to spy some red and white lichen.  (There is a special name for the red, but, of course, I do not remember what it is.  It may be Cryptothecia rubrocincta.)

Once we walked down into the ravine, part of the path was flat, you would never know that you were about 120 feet deeper than you were when you entered the park.

This retention pond area was peaceful and charming.  You can see the second suspension bridge in the background, a small bridge over the pond and a "water wheel".

At the front entrance to the park you will see this lovely area called the Court of States.

This park is being reconsidered for another visit if we get back to the area.  Our short visit did not do it justice.  That said, we thoroughly enjoyed it and thank cousin Connie and family for suggesting that we visit.


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