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Wormsloe, Savannah, Georgia: Rolling, Rolling, Keep Them Wheels a Rolling - Winter 2015-2016

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Continuing our trek south and continuing our seeking out of places to visit that we have never visited before, during our stay at Skidaway State Park, we visited the Wormsloe Historic Site.  The park service has a nice history of the site, here.

The entrance is breathtaking, 1.5-mile of oak trees dripping with spanish moss.  Planted in celebration of the birth of a child in about 1890.  Yes, this is the site of movie making, including, "The Last Song" and "The General's Daughter".

You can see why this is so beloved and well photographed.

Because one photo just will not do.  LOL

We opted to take a guided tour, after we wandered through the museum.  The tour takes you past the cemetery.  Find A Grave notes the burial/cemetery.  If I remember what our guide told us, Noble Jones was originally buried there.  Then, re-interred at least once, however during the last "move", his body was actually lost.  

Reflections, beauty, sighhhhh:

Our tour guide, in period costume.  He explained the colors of his costume, the materials, the undergarments (his nightshirt is worn under his uniform).  

He also demonstrated the gun, did not capture any smoke on this shot demonstration.  It was loud tho.

The remains of the 1730ish home of Noble Jones, it orginally consisted of 5 rooms, 1.5 stories, made of tabby and wood, surrounded on 3 sides by a courtyard and walls 8 foot tall made of tabby.  Tabby is a local concoction, it is made of equal parts of fresh water, lime, sand and oyster shells.

The challenge of the day to all my friends who bake, make me a loaf of bread in this oven:

We leave this step into the past with the vision, the solider, the conditions, the memories of the past:


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