Thursday, March 26, 2015

Went Looking for a Cemetery, Found Instead Stunning Beauty, This Ones for Emily :: Winter Sojourn 2014/15

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 When Man and I were staying in Leeds Utah we had the distinct pleasure of meeting Emily and Bill.  Without writing a book, let's just say they are totally delightful and they KNOW the area of Paria Station of the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument.  They really know it.  They were volunteers there for many years.  Emily typed up well over a page of suggestions of things to see and do while we were in Kanab and Page.  We are working very hard to see as much as we can from their list.

Today, we did part of # 3 from her typed list, 3a to be exact, the PariaTownsite.  We had stopped at their old office, see, Emily, we really did, and Man has the brochures to prove it!

We decided to start at the Paria town site because the young lady in the station mentioned there was a cemetery down there.  Everyone knows I cannot resist a cemetery.

So, went for a drive looking for a cemetery, we found much much more!  We found a HUGE hunk o heaven.

See, we did the drive, here is a dusty GPS photo to prove it.

This out of focus photo shows the early part of the drive (about 6 miles one way).  Up and down, dusty but, currently dry road:

Starting to get "purdy"

You know I am loving this already, tis red!

And, then!!!!  OHHHHH MYYYYY:

Yes, we have panoramic, but, let me tell you, this does not begin to capture the beauty,nor the colors, the blues just don't show well.

We drove, we stopped, I took photos, we drove, we stopped, I took MORE photos:

From another vantage point:

We stopped at the picnic area, read some signs and then, we headed for the cemetery (and - - - - )

And, the Paria River!!!  Note the sign indicates we should not drive Jolly over/through the river.

After a few minutes of gazing at the wonder and the beauty, we turned Jolly around and out we headed, 6 miles back, but, first we stop many more times, and take tons more photos.

One more, for tonight.

Some time I'll share the cemetery, yes, we found it. And, some of Cappy's adventures for the day.

Thank you Emily, it was more than fantastic.  And, so were a lot of the other things you have suggested.  Not sure we can get them all, but, we sure are having a blast trying!



Vicki said...

Awesome! Love the sensory explosion photos and your excitement!

Jan Mains said...

Beautiful photos. It must be hard to pick out your favorites.

Carol said...

Thank you Vicki and Jan. It was very hard to pick favorites, that is why you got to see the same mountain/structure from different angles so many times.