Thursday, March 12, 2015

Arizona, Utah, Nevada, Start Again :: Winter Sojourn 2014/15

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Man and I have been on the move, I believe last time I checked in we were in Nevada.  We are now in Utah, near St. George (actually staying in Leeds).

The GPS blue lines show where we have been while here in Leeds.  The blue line up 9 on the right side is our drive into Zion National Park.  The line left of that (the middle line) is our drive up Kolob Terrace Road, we only got part of the way up.  Where they stopped plowing was the end of the road for us.  The next further left line was our drive up to Kolob Canyon where we had a snack in a snow bank sitting on a picnic table.  The tiny blue line between the 17 and the 9, is a trip up into the Dixie National Forest.  The shorter blue line just to the left of the 9 and that blue triangle was to Silver Reef area, where we visited a great museum.

Today, while in St. George I found spring bulbs blooming.  Isn't that a pretty peach??

And, tonight's sunset was nice:

What's next??  Well, heading easterly.  We are still formulating the plans.


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