Saturday, March 21, 2015

North Rim of the Grand Canyon - - Bucket List :: Winter Sojourn 2014/15

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Faithful followers and friends will all know that Man and I kinda wing our travel plans.  We have an informal bucket list, and if our travels work out, we go visit the places on the bucket list.  Truth is, we have seen so little of the west that we can almost go anywhere and still see new stuff.  This west stuff is HUGE, did you know that?  The other thing we try to avoid is "do overs".  Try to not go back and see things we have already seen.  We do make exceptions.  One exception we made this year was to "do over" Zion National Park.  Another exception we had hoped to "do over" was the Grand Canyon, not a true "do over" as we (that should read, Carol) want to see the North Rim.  The North Rim does not open until May 15th, so, that "do over" is not going to happen.

Today's ride took us close to the North Rim, well, sorta close, I think it was 65 miles from Jacob's Lake.  But, if you look close, you will see even the roads are closed, boo hoo.   (I know, it is a bit hard to see, but, that is the sign TO the Grand Canyon and the Road Closed sign.)  I over heard a conversation between a local and a tourist.  The local said the park rangers patrol the road so as to keep visitors out until May 15th.  So, no, we did not cheat or try or do much more than take this photo.

Our ride today took us about 100 miles east on 89A.  We went as far as Lee's Ferry in Marble Canyon, part of the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.  We had lunch on the Colorado River.  We drove around the park, and then, our last stop we got out to walk through the sand to the river when I spied this sign:

This was not the east side, and it sure was not the south side, so, it looks like if you really stretch the truth and make a story of it, I did, reach the north rim, err, side of the Grand Canyon.

And, today's critter photo, this lizard must have been a poser, or, enjoying his/her sunshine and warmth too much to care that I wanted a photo.  Most of them scamper off so quickly if I even try to take a photo all I capture is blur. Not so today.


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