Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Antelope Canyon, Page Arizona :: Winter Sojourn 2014/15

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Antelope Canyon, Page Arizona, late afternoon tour, no sun streams to capture, due to the time of day. Photography wise, it became a study of shapes and swirls.  I was allowed to use the flash on one photo, which is not included in this post.  Many photo shot towards the ceiling, there were enough people in the canyon to make it difficult to take a photo at ground level without also capturing some of the other visitors.  Most photos on this post were digitally edited, sharpened, contrast and brightness, and in a few, a bit of the "pink/red" that my eyes saw, added back in. For this study, no people, just the shapes and swirls and a spot of color here and there,  see if you can find blue - - 

Yes, panorama turned on it's side:

This shot is the canyon wall, yes, the stone runs parallel to the ground.  

Bucket list - - check!



Vicki said...

Amazingly beautiful! Great job! This needs to be on our bucket list now too!

Barbara Poole said...

Your photos should be in National Geographic magazine. Too beautiful for words, and I don't say that very often. No, I haven't been to the Page area, now I wish I had taken that route.

Jan Mains said...

How would you be able to describe this to someone without the pictures. I still found it difficult even with the pictures to describe the experience. Was it worth it?

Carol said...

Thank you Vicki, Barbara and Jan.

I am still contemplating the entire experience.

I did not have any issues with claustrophobia. It was easy walking.

I am sure it would have been even better with less people and oh, let me stay 4 hours, to really get the changing light. LOL

They said no tripods, and of course, some showed up with them. They said, stay with your guide and two men did not do that, and yes, they had tripods.

Glad we did it.

The guide we had was wonderful, a very sweet young lady, who even gave me a hug at the end of the tour. No doubt she was an outstanding young woman.

irisheyes jennifer said...

Extraordinarily beautiful images that capture a microcosm of all that is magnificent about this great world we live in. Your photographs have truly uplifted me this day. Thank you Carol!

Carol said...

Thank you Jennifer. Your friendship and comments mean so much.