Saturday, March 14, 2015

On Our Way Home, Via Zion National Park, The Rock Climbers :: Winter Sojourn 2014/15

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Today, Man and I took a little country drive, 250 miles of mountainous roads from Leeds, Utah to Cedar City, over 14, to Utah 89, a little detour to Bryce Canyon National Park, back out to 89, where we headed south, and came home via Zion National Park.

After we paid our fees, we drove through the tunnels, heading west on Utah 9.  We stopped at a pull off after the tunnels.  Everyone was looking back at the tunnel area, of course, but, they seemed to be intently looking at one particular area.

Out came our binoculars and Sony Too.  With a LOT of zoom, the assistance of the steadiness of the back of Jolly and holding my breath, I bring you - - the rock climbers.  Not all photos are in focus, a few mis-fires, but, I am giving you every last photo I took, all 22 of em!  LOL

Man looking for the climbers,  hint, they are about in the middle of the photo from left to right.  Man tells me he thinks they were about 1/3rd of the way up.  


Zoom more:

Zoom more:

Backing off the zoom once again:

And, again, ZOOM:

Back off the zoom once more:

Let's watch the guy in the green t-shirt:

Back to the person in the red, I think it was a guy??

The guy in the green, check out the gear tied to his belt:

Person in the red does not have all those hooks and things:

Dude in the green, starting to move:

Almost looks easy with this much zoom, eh?


This one is a bit out of focus, truth, it was a fat finger, shutter went off a bit unplanned.  Excitement driven.

More stretch:

And, now, we cross the chasm.

More stretching, reaching for that "crack" on the left:


Just about:

OK, Carol and Sony Too almost did not get the climber in this shot, sorry:

AND, we made it, err, he made it.

And, Man and I left, we were exhausted and could not wait around to see what these two did next.

Whew, wiping our brows!



irisheyes jennifer said...

Carol, I am always blown away by the colours in your photos, especially in the first one here. Also, as a person with a fear of heights, I remain convinced that rock climbers are part spider and part daring-do.

Carol said...

Thank you Jennifer. Just the way I am blown away by your "Irish and green and water and old and wonderful" photos.

Fearing heights as well, I figure these climbing type must have extra genes, or certainly, not the same genes. I don't understand fearless. Just do not.

Diane B said...

Carol my brother has just passed his 60th birthday but has spent much of his life pursuing this. I suspect he's been there; he's been around the southwest quite a bit. For people who know what they're doing, it's all about the safety and teamwork. Love your pictures.

Carol said...

Thanks Diane B. It is fascinating to watch. Safety and teamwork, yes, I can see that.

Lynne Carothers said...

Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could find out who the climbers were and send them these photos! I bet they would really love them. Well, maybe they will find your blog one of these days.

Carol said...

Lynne, that would be fun, we can only hope.