Sunday, September 9, 2012

Mobile Change on Reflections

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It was recently brought to my attention that on some mobile devices Reflections could not be read.  All fonts were black on dark navy blue background.  Something changed in the world of Opera and who knows what other operating systems on mobile devices.  I used to be able to read Reflections on my phone, and then, poof, black and dark navy blue and I cannot read my own blog on my own phone.

SOOO, this morning, I went into the settings and changed the design for mobile devices.  Well, that is what I think I did.  LOL  I checked it out on my phone and the background is now white and the fonts are black, and the photos are visible.  There appears to be a link near the bottom that will take you back to the "web version" of Reflections.  I have not clicked on that yet.

Gotta say, that white with black font is a BUNCH easier to read on my own phone!  On my iPad since I access blogs and such with Safari, it seems the web version is what I will see.

Well, let's see how this works out.   Always tweakin' - -



Lori E said...

I am always surprised at how different my blog looks on other peoples computers and browsers.

GrannyPam said...

I can't read the black on the dark blue background on my big computer screen. Contrast is the key to webdesign. There is a great article on accessibility here: When I started studying this I got a headache for sure.

Carol said...

I agree GrannyPam, I have made changes over time on the colors on Reflections. There are a few places where some black is on the blue, because I cannot figure out where to change it on Blogger.

I suppose I could go to a format/template that is like everyone elses, white background and black letters or worse yet (in my mind), black background and stark white letters.

I may do some additional tweaking in the future.

What happened with the phone tho was that even the areas that I have a light cream color with black fonts, ALL was dark blue with black fonts. It was stinking bizarre.

And, as my daddy used to say, nothing stays the same!

Thanks for the link.