Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Let's Have a Name Game

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Son # 1, his lovely bride and the Grandtwins have new babies in their lives, kitty babies.

Here they are, cute as can be.

So, they are both little girls, the orange baby is 7 weeks old right now, and the little calico is 6 weeks.  They have one parent in common, the father.  The orange baby is a bit more dominant, the calico is very curious and if you make a noise she wants to know just what it is making the racket.

They need names, so, we are going to have a little naming contest here on Reflections.

Rule # 1, NO human names.  Son # 1 insists!

Disclaimer # 1, NO prizes, just braggin rights.  Sorry, this is just for simple fun.

Leave your suggestions here on Reflections and if that old nasty Captcha gives you issues you can email me, Facebook suggest or Google Plus suggest.

Ready, set - - the NAME game is on!

* The usual disclaimer about web sites and me apply here.  I just use FB and G+ folks, believe me, I get nothing in exchange for my mentions of them, EVER.


Lori E said...

1. Tango and Cash
2. Cosmo and Cricket
3. Pumpkin and Patches

Linda Jenkins-Wensel said...

Skittle and Dee (Dee the orange)
Spots and Liney
Bandie and Ongee
Flossey and Flo
Boo and Bebe

Barbara Poole said...

Aren't these babies the cutest. I hope you post many photos of them. Okay, I only have once combination of names: Sugar and Spice (sugar for the orange and spice for the money cat).

Anonymous said...

How about Tany and Rally.

Linda Melnik

Sherry - Family Tree Writer said...

Those two are cute to the Max! So I'm suggesting Max & Millie! (though I gotta say I like Pumpkin and Patches!) I thought about suggesting Punkin' but saw it was 'taken!'

Jasia said...

Lucy and Ethel

Greta Koehl said...

So amazingly cute! I vote for Oogie and Squeegie.

Claudia said...

Blossom and Ginger

Anonymous said...

We have a winner:

Pumpkin & Patches

Thanks to all who participated!

Troy & Yvonne & Miriam & Lisa & Pumpkin & Patches

Anonymous said...

Oh, aren't they gorgeous. I've had 6 cats - "The Cat", Harvey (Wallbanger),Brian, Claret Bumble (after a fishing fly) and his brother Saag Aloo (Indian side dish) and Smilodon Fatalis (the sabre-toothed tiger). No wonder my vet thinks I've weird. Bumble is still with me :-)