Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thursday Tech Report :: Protopage, My New Home Page

Copyright 2012, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

My new home page, the one that opens when I click on the Chrome browser icon, when it is time to get on the net in the AM is for now:  Protopage.  I had a iGoogle home page, but, iGoogle is going to Google heaven in November 2013, so they say.  I hear there is a movement on to have Google back off of that decision, but, I am moving on now.  I wanted to have something in place before THE Trip, THE Encore begins in November 2012.   So here it is:

Yep, purple!  LOL  There are many widgets you can add, for now I have the Virtual Puppy, Lifehacker, a calendar, a weather widget, Dilbert to make me smile and shake my head, and several email widgets.  I love the email widgets, no more signing on and off the several Gmail accounts to check on them, if there is something new it shows up on my Protopage.  Very helpful.

There are lots and lots of widgets, add a photo, add a map, add video and audio podcasts, even twitter feeds.  If you had unlimited speedy connectivity you could have a blast!  With our air card and sometimes questionable connectivity I am keeping my home page free of many of the widgets which slow down load times and suck up band width.

For now, I am quite pleased with Protopage and the flexibility it gives me.  I am OVER the top happy with the email widgets, oh, by the way, Yahoo email will NOT work with a widget.  Not a win there Yahoo.  After the hacking of my Yahoo email a few weeks ago and this not sharing issue (unless I pay), I am reducing my dependence and usage of Yahoo.  Yep, I guess I could pay, but, nope, I am not going to.  There are other methods.

Protopage, just one choice of several for home pages, or as some call them, front pages.  Enjoy, I do!

* The Disclaimers:  Protopage, iGoogle, Google, Yahoo, all own the copyrights to their names and products.  I use them, or not, sometimes with delight, other times with painful results.  I have not been asked to chat about them, nor even use them.  I do so, as do you, at my own risk.  I receive nothing from any vendor for chatting about their products, except maybe, now and then, a thank you.  And, that is rare!



Lynne Carothers said...

Protopage looks pretty interesting! Question - will Google Reader go to Internet heaven also? What reader do you use? Hmmm. Things to think about ... later.

Carol said...

Lynne, I suspect any web site or reader or software we use can and may go to internet/computer heaven.

Google reader, from what I have read/heard is safe so far.

You might have noticed that in the very top left corner there is a "Google Reader" link in the Bookmarks icon area. If I click it, it takes me right to my Google Reader.

And that answers the other question, I use Google Reader. :-)

Taneya said...

thanx for sharing your experiences. i like the purple too. :-)