Sunday, September 23, 2012

Rally On - -

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I know, I have been MIA, no Rally reports.  I have posted a few tidbits on social media.  Cause I have another busy day today, I am going to do the copy/paste of some of those tidbits.


Almost time for Meet N Greet,

Let the Rally begin!


Nice breakfast catch up with friends Mina Wells Greenlee and hubby Bob, and Coleen Murray Lustick and hubby Ray. Now, time to Rally on - - -

Next up, the gals will have a get together, the boys will go learn about Blue Oxs

(It's a hitch sorta thing for the boys and just plain ole fun for the girls. Works for me! LOL)


So ends the first full day of the Rally. Photos taken - - NONE!

Had a nice breakfast with friends, nice gals introductory meeting, lots of new gals, some with some great stories, great to add new friends.

Waiting for friends Ron Ames and his beautiful bride Terrie Johnson Ames coming all the way today from Little Rock Arkansas, going directly to Lippert for appt. They are going to be soooooooooo tired. We are sending them energy.

The dinner at Tiara RV in Elkhart was nice, always is.

Man and I looked at a lot of new RV's, Montanas and other brands, we still love our floor plan even though it is 9 plus years old. There is NOTHING like it made today that we have found. I have my desk, the telie is clean across the room, we love the storage, we just love our Tana. Good thing, cause as Man points out, we really don't have the $$ to make payment$ on a new one, and mmmm, we don't see anyone offering to buy and pay for a new one! LOL


Plant tour, always interesting. Late for the 1 seminars and still have errand to run.



Raining. Poor Ron and Terri Ames will be setting up in the rain, I am so sorry for them, they have had ENOUGH bad luck to last 10 or 20 years.

Anyway, raining, and I may take a nap with the fur kids and spoil them a bit.

Plant tour was nice, lunch was good, I had my handouts printed for both classes right here at the fairgrounds office, CHEAP, fast and I did not have to start Jolly up and move him at all! WOOT!

I hope the rain stops by 10 AM tomorrow. I know, I want, I want, I want!


When we last met, I believe it was raining. Yes, it must have been, cause it rained a little here and there, on and off, most of the evening. Some of the guys went out for beer and food, the gals went over to the Mennonite Relief sale and tried to NOT drool over the quilts. Will NOT be bidding on any tomorrow, they are way outta my price range, but, we oooohhed and ahhhhed until we got hungry, 

Then we went back out in the rain and got a bit wet and found great pulled pork. The lines for the apple fritters and donuts were BLOCKS long, so, it was decided to come back here and have hot cocoa loaded with some more of that butterscotch schnapps. Medicinal purposes, we were cold by then. Meds worked! LOL


Rain, coolish, icky. Breakfast was good the MOC has great cooks. YUMMMY

Needed more coffee. Missed my German coffee this AM and jumped directly to MOC coffee, good, but, hheeee heeeee, sorry, not German coffee.

Taught the class. it was so damp in the tent I could barely get my mouse to work. Tripin over my own mouse. SIGHH

Tonight is the Amish Dinner, too much great food, WHHOOOPPPIEEEEE.


Rain stopped for the time being

sun out


off to Amish dinner, if you are not there with us, you cannot possibly be having as great a dinner as I am! nnnaaaa naaaa naaaa naaa


Nomma nomma here I come!

If you doubt me, visit Reflections and look at blog posts from years past, catch the ice cream they serve. catch the pies.

See ya, I will be ROLLING back in here later - - -


A little campfire chatting. The end of another Rally day. We wait anxiously all year and then this week just flies by. Not sure if I should :-) or :-(

Just one graphic, believe it or not, I have taken less than 20 photos this Rally.  But, this sign did catch my attention, if you happen to own an RV and happen to have ever gone on a plant tour, you will get this.


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