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Glacier National Park, Water, Lakes, Waterfalls, Repeat:: The Trip, The Encore'

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JULY 2013

Our last day in Glacier and we ended it with a boat ride out of the Many Glacier area.  It was perfect.

Despite the cold water, many venture out, a few in kayaks.

On the boat on Swiftcurrent Lake, we get a wonderful view:

We are headed for that quaint little red building, where we will get off the first boat and will get on another.  Small hike in between.

You can see from this map, our route, leaving Many Glacier hotel, crossing Swiftcurrent Lake.  The dotted line is the Grinnell Glacier Trail, we walk from the dock on Swiftcurrent to Lake Josephine.

The view of Lake Josephine just before we board our second boat.  For those that may be interested, altitude is 4882 feet above sea level.

I can only imagine how gorgeous this would have been if the skies had been blue, but, alas, this is what we saw, and seriously, nothing wrong here, eh?

And, then, came the waterfalls.  Sony, zoom and I had a blast.  I am only sharing a few of these photos, I took so many!

And, let there be water falls, mountains, and glaciers.  Remember this is at the end of July.

And, water falls from another angle.  I believe there were 4 distinct falls here.

The teal color of the water is true, comes from glaciers melting.

Heading back to Many Glacier Hotel.

One last photo of the Swiftcurrent Creek running briskly down the mountain.

This ends our dream trip to Glacier National Park.

Oh, my, I just found a BUNCH more photos.  Some with blue skies! Stay tuned.

It was marvelous, surprising, and yes, we left much unseen.  Fodder for future trips??  Maybe.


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