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Glacier National Park, Many Glacier, They Swim WHERE? :: The Trip, The Encore

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                                            JULY 2013

Some day I might finish sharing the wonderful days and experiences we had while near and in Glacier National Park in July of 2013. Here are a few more.

We are headed to the area of the park known as Many Glacier.

As we drive along Lake Sherburne, you may remember this day was rather overcast, the clouds never lifted.

Ooopsie, free range area.  No it is not allowed to take home a side of beef, just saying - -

Driving Route 3, still along Lake Sherburne.

Off, wayyyyyy off, center photo, what looks to be a water fall.  Since I don't remember, we can just say it was and pretend.

No words, just beauty.  SIGHHHH

This appears to be Swiftcurrent Creek, which leads from Swiftcurrent Lake to Lake Sherburne.  I think you can agree that if I have not labeled this correctly, it is a lovely place.

This is the roof of Many Glacier Hotel.  We are standing near the parking lot, which is obviously, above the hotel.  What a view.

We went inside and had a "sit".  Man's feet and a glorious view

The view with an assist from the zoom of Sony.

As I sat there enjoying the views, all of a sudden, I spy something splashing in the lake.

I put the zoom on the camera to work, max zoom, had a hard time holding it, so some of the photos were obviously out of focus, but, seriously, what is this, someone swimming???  Yep, you bet!

I snooped around the net a bit trying to find the temp of the lake water in July.  No reference to the subject I found had any numbers, but, all agreed it is C-O-L-D!!!  And, look it is TWO swimmers dragging something behind.  Have no idea what.

Another shot of two sets of arms.  All I can say, is brrrr.  I do seem to remember they were swimming quite quickly.  And, they are wearing wet suits.

The large fireplace in the hotel lobby,  yes, burning.

Man and I booked a boat ride.  Stay tuned.


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Mel said...

This is absolutely beautiful. Reminds me a little of the Tenaya lake northern padt of Yosemite.