Monday, December 4, 2017

Aunt Geneva Writes, Page 10

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As genealogists go, I have been a pretty lucky one.  I have had great helpers, genie angels, and my great-aunt Geneva Halterman was interested in this sport and contributed our lines to several family books.  I am also lucky enough to have copies of 10 pages of history she wrote.  In a series of 10 posts, I will share them.  Images and my attempts at transcription of them.  Here is page 10.

Later in upper forties and fifties, Linden Wenger served as pastor, living in the community.

In the 60's Harley Good was the pastor. (The upstairs was remodelled for class rooms, oil furnace (beaded - - word crossed out) was)

{{In her sister Minnie's handwriting - - not sure she may got confused}}

If you see errors in my transcriptions, please notify me.  Thanks to all my helpers and the family researchers that came before me.


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