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Aunt Geneva Writes, Page 1

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As genealogists go, I have been a pretty lucky one.  I have had great helpers, genie angels, and my great-aunt Geneva Halterman was interested in this sport and contributed our lines to several family books.  I am also lucky enough to have copies of 10 pages of history she wrote.  In a series of 10 posts, I will share them.  Images and my attempts at transcription of them.  Here is page 1.

The First Mennonites in the area at West. Va.,Va. state lines along or near Route 259

My Grandfather, Daniel Halterman who was born at the state lines on the Hardy County side, worked in the valley for Abram and Samuel Shank, Mennonite Ministers. They owned large farms south of Broadway and immediately after the Civil War, a lot of the work in the hay fields and harvest fields was done by hand. Then my grandfather while working in the hay fields for these brethren became converted to the Mennonite faith. In 1871 grandfather was married to Barbara DeLawder of the Upper Cove. They lived in Hardy County one mile east of the state line and continued to live there until about 1898. Revs. Abram & Samuel Shank would go to the Upper Cove several times a year to visit my grandmother, Sarah Basye from Shenandoah County who married Sellesteen Whitmer in May 1866. She then came to the Cove to live. She was a member of the Mennonite Church in Shenandoah Co. before marriage. Enroute to the Upper Cove these ministers would spend the night at grandfather Haltermans and then on Sunday morning proceed to the Upper Cover thru Hunkerson's Gap about 6 miles. Along with them my grandfather Halterman and grandmother would go with them, on horseback to the Cove where they had preaching for grandmother Whitmer and some of her relatives.

In 1898 grandfather Halterman moved to Criders, Va. about 8 miles distant. My father remained on the farm near the state line and was married to Ida Whitmer in August 1899. Then my mother was a member of the Mennonite Church having joined that

If you see errors in my transcriptions, please notify me.  Thanks to all my helpers and the family researchers that came before me.


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