Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Accepting My Own Challenge

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It's my birthday.  I am not much for the hoopla.  This morning started out bad and went downhill from there.

I was woken from a dead sleep about 8ish with the house shaking and a loud sound.  It felt and sounded as if it came from the walls/roof surrounding my bedroom.  Man felt it and heard it too.  He went out and did a full walk around and found NOTHING.  No feathers, fur or blood anywhere. With that much sound, if a living thing hit the house, one would think there would be evidence??  We can find NONE.

We did see 2 or 3 turkey vultures ON the roof on that end of the house several hours later.  

After that rude awakening, hoping for a quieter day, it went downhill more.  I'll save you from that ranting, but, it got so bad around here that Man actually turned on some house hunting show before I shot out the television.  Actually, I would have had to toss a rock through it, as we don't own guns.

And, the BD wishes started on Facebook, bless my friends and thank you.  

And, then, I issued the challenge.  

Here is what I want for my birthday.
I want for you to take the energy and the time spent wishing me a happy birthday to go do or say something wonderful to someone who is in desperate need.
My problems are all first world ones, and my birthday is just a day to me.
THAT is how you can wish me a happy birthday!

A few minutes later, while getting ready to go out for my BD lunch, I had this moment, and this is what I did, I accepted my own challenge.  Blessings to Children With Hair Loss.

Her comb is 6 inches long, so I donated about 10?  Give or take.  Children With Hair Loss need 8 inches minimum.

And, that is how you turn a bad day into a day of giving.  Lemons to Lemonade.

Peace - -



Fran Ellsworth said...

So hmmmm. I missed your birthday yesterday, BUT I can say happy belated birthday. :-)
I am trying to grow my hair out to donate, but I am not sure I am ever going to get it that long.
Great project and promotion.

Carol said...

Thanks Fran, appreciate it.

I figure it takes me, on average, 2 years to grow it out enough for the next donation. It usually goes a bit longer.