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Heading Into The East Side of Glacier National Park - - Getting There is Stunning Too

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July      2013

We are going to head into Glacier National Park from the east side.  Looking at the photos, I now realize, it must have been fairly overcast.  But, it was not snow and we could not stay here forever, reservations are kinda  hard to come by during the summer, eh??

SOOO, lets start in, there is a great underpass/bridge to start our day off.  By the way, 13 foot at the outside of this underpass would be VERY close for Tana.  We figure since the IS and new tires and all that, we are running about 13 foot 1 inch.  We are just as happy today to only being traveling with Jolly. This is at East Glacier Park.  I have seen other photos of this underpass that actually have the words "Glacier National Park".  Guess it needed painting a time or two??  Nevertheless, let's get rolling - - 

Heading to the park entrance at Saint Mary Visitor Center, seems a few others are doing the same.  Motorhome, motor cycle, come one, come all.  At this point the road is 49.

This is Lower Two Medicine Lake, looking one direction:

Looking the other direction:

Panoramic.  Amazing.  I wish you could see this on my nice monitor.  It's amazing!

Still driving on 49, you can see the road, squint a bit!  LOL

Now, how's that for some spectacular rock formation??

We never quite know what we will see, besides the cars, trucks, motorhomes, motor cycles, bicycles, there is the occasional horse (note, there is also a dog tagging along for the day.)

We are now driving on 89, the scenery continues to take our breath away.  I believe this was an area that had been burned.

Looking down at Saint Mary Lake. We will turn and drive along the lake until we come to the Visitor Center.

It was so pretty I had to take more than one photo, OF COURSE, one portrait, one horizon.

Another view of Saint Mary Lake, every bend in the road gives us different view points.

We would stop at the Visitors Center before we head up the Going to the Sun Road. More coming soon.  I took over 460 photos this long day of sightseeing.  I wish the skies had been blue, but, we were so amazed that we did not notice much.  Sometimes the sun is not a good thing as it just overwhelms.  Cloudless days do make for pretty blue skies/shots though.  But, we cannot be picky, and with scenery this gorgeous, I barely noticed it was not sunny.

This part of the day's journey is about 33 miles, give or take, from East Glacier Park to Two Medicine Junction, on to Kiowa, and finally to Saint Mary.  Point of interest, 49 is closed in the winter.


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