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Going to the Sun Road, Saint Marys, Go West Young Man - -

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JULY     2013

We arrive at the Visitors Center, Saint Mary.  Time for a walk, some photos, some learning opportunities.  One thing we learn is that we will experience some road re-construction, much as on the west side of Logan's Pass.  Standing in the parking lot. this is the view.  Not bad for a parking lot, eh?

It's not just the beauty of the mountains, it's the wild flowers, weeds, Mother Nature.

After some time spent learning, and stretching our legs, we head out, going from east to west, Going to the Sun Road.  Seems this creature was as well.  I am fairly sure this was a coyote, but, welcome corrections.

Having rarely, well, never, seen coyotes up close and personal, this was a bit concerning to me.  Again, having very little knowledge, this one looks quite thin, and was continually "yawning".  I have two photos of it yawning, running and yawning.  My camera recorded these photos over the time frame of about one minute.  No, we did NOT get out of Jolly.

This is a view of Saint Mary Lake.

Yes, there is construction.

Wild Goose Island, an extremely popular photo stop.

Many of the Red Bus Tours stop here for photo ops, one of the tour guides insisted we MUST have a photo of us in front of the island.  OK, here ya go!

A very popular and time honored way to travel the Going to the Sun Road is via a Red Bus tour, here is one.  It's a great way for the driver to get to gawk and not drive off the road.  It's on my bucket list for any future visit to Glacier.  (Please ignore Jolly's antenna on the far far right of this photo. Ooopsie, forgot to crop it out.  LOL)

More construction:

Of course, Man was quite interested in the machinery and such:

One last photo of the always gorgeous mountains.

We will stop soon for a visit to Sunrift Gorge where we would hike down and then back out.  It was so beautiful.  hat's our next post.


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