Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Where is Lizzie Catherine May Buried??

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The clean up project always brings more questions.  Deal with one document, visit multiple web sites, ask many questions, sometimes there are no answers found.

Such is the case for Lizzie Catherine May.

Her death certificate from the Commonwealth of Virginia, states she was buried at Timberville Cemetery, Rockingham County, Virginia.

The  Harrisonburg - Rockingham Historical Society maintains a wonderful cemetery inventory as well.  She is not included in their list of burials.

So, Lizzie, where ARE you buried?

*  My interest in Lizzie, is of course, her mother Mattie L. Fawley, who is the half-sister of Charles Gratton Trumbo, my great-grandfather.

** I strongly suspect she has no headstone.  Lizzie's father had passed in 1898 and her mother in 1911.  She was not married.  I will need to research the informant on her death certificate, James May, as I am uncertain who he is.


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