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Uz Jaquis, A First Look at Your Probate Files

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Uz Jaquis is a son of Benjamin and Mary, or at least that is how he currently resides in my data base, you may remember.  He is listed as child number 7.

I am now processing his probate file found online at Ancestry dot com.  There is also a file for his wife, Lucy.  I'll work on that soon, possibly next.

I have picked out some points of interest from Uz's probate, they are:

This states, I believe (corrections always appreciated with my fondest thank yous):

Uz Jaquis who died testate at Parishville aforesaid on the 2nd day of June 1876, leaving a will which ....


Of interest in this tidbit are the names Julia A. Cady and A.A. McDonald.  Need to determine/discover who these two are. Seems Julia resides at Willmar Minnesota and A. A. McDonald at Cornwall Canada.  In his will (see below) Uz names Julia A Cadby (or is that Carby) as his step-daughter.


And, this says Uz's wife has now also passed.


Lucy Jaquis, widow - - check
Bertha Ann M???his ??? on that spelling - - Reported in other documents to be Uz's sister.  Research will be needed here.
Jane Chamberlain - - a sister - - I know her name and have done some research on her - - check.
Almyra Skiff - - who??
Ermma or Emma J. Ormsby - - who??
Julia Ormsby - - who??  
Elizabeth Shaw - - know the name - - check
Elihu Jacquis, always found spelled Jaquis- - oh, yes, know this one - - check
Inbinda (?) known as Icabinda Ann Suttle - - know the name - - check.
Mary Mason - - know the name - - check
Sarah J. Stanton - - that be Sarah J. Stanley I believe, will follow through.
Mary M. Jaquis - - know the name - - check
Benjamin H. Jacquis - - know the name - - check
John E. Jacquis - - know the name - - check
Martha J. Jacquis - - know the name - - check
Daniel E. Jacquis - - know the name - - check
Davy M. Jaquis - - know the name - - check
(Note:  Mary, Benjamin, John, Martha, Daniel and Davy, surname usually found spelled Jaquis.)
Enoch Jacquis - - know the name - - Uz's brother - - check.


A few more names to check out, Myrna (?) Jacquis and Wesley R. Howe.  I have seen the name Howe, believe he may be a step son of Uz's.  More research required.


This mentions William N. Jacquis (need to find out who this is).  And, Mary M. Jacquis, Benjamin H. Jacquis, John E. Jacquis, Martha J. Jacquis, Daniel E. Jacquis and Davy M. Jacquis, all minors.  I have researched them, know parents, know some descendants, yep, know them.


And, last, but, not least, Uz's Last Will and Testament:

Mentions:  Age of 52 in the year 1875, giving approximate year of birth as 1823, my data base has 1826.  I'll take it, so close.

Wife, Lucy;  After her demise, to his sisters, Bertha Ann Meedis (???) and Jane Chamberlain.  I know Jane, I know NOTHING about Bertha, she may be Ann in my data base.  Also names step-daughter Julia A. Cadby or is that Carby or Carlry or what??  Further mentions William N. Jacquis, Myron (?) J. Jacquis and Wesley R. Howe.

And, NOW the work begins.  I am headed for a research deep rabbit hole.

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