Monday, January 9, 2017

Delete, Add, Delete, Add.

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Yes, I am still cleaning up old files, notes, and linking documents to the family research data base.  Let's be honest here, I will be at this cleaning linking thing for months and years to come.  Whew, there, I said it!

I flit from web site to web site, delete some email, work on files on the computer, work on the backlog of OneNote clips.  Back and forth I go, frequently diving into deep rabbit holes of research.  I am supposed to be deleting stuff, and instead, I add more.

The other evening in an attempt to toss out one, just ONE, OneNote clip, I wandered over to the Chancery cases at the Library of Virginia.  I don't remember if I knew this or not, but, Rockingham County Virginia cases are now scanned and loaded to the web site. Hours later I had downloaded so many files I lost count.  Some of the files had over 200 pages EACH!  The greatest thing tho, the Library of Virginia web site now allows you to download all 200 pages at one time.  You know I had fun.

No, I have not read each and every page of all those files. But, I did do a bit of looking before I downloaded, to be sure the "Trumbo" person was someone I was seriously interested in.  I tend to "grab" the most important stuff first, just in case the rest goes MIA on the internet later.  Because that MIA thing happens.

The other night was a bonus research night - - I found these three really fun facts.  To fully document and utilize this information will take some time, of course.

Here is a document that states that Catherine V. Fawley departed this life on the of ... of 1888.  Now, Many researchers would be disappointed to only find the year, but, Catherine has been a difficult subject to research.  I have one other reference to her passing, which seemed to indicate she passed in 1889.  The glory of this chancery case is that it states her clear relationship to the rest of her family, including her surviving children, one of which is a Charles G. Trumbo (my great-grandfather).  Oh, by the way, that middle initial, "V", for Catherine - - new to me!

Soon another chancery case revealed this little tidbit of joy in which we learn that Milton May's widow died in March of 1911.  Milton's widow is the half sister of one, C. G. Trumbo, AKA, Charles G. Trumbo.  I did not have this information.  I have something to follow through on now.

Last, not necessarily least, as they say, is this "drawing".  This came out of a case that is a mere 258 pages.  Nope, did not read a lot of this one, as it was getting late and my eyes were starting to cross.  It seems the school district was building a new school building and a number of citizens, including, yes, that Charles G. Trumbo, were objecting to the building.  I think I shall need a couple of glasses of wine when I sit down to read this one. Can't wait to see what else it will reveal.

You too can have fun in the Chancery cases at the Library of Virginia.  Click here.

And, now, back I go to linking, deleting, building, learning - - family history rocks!


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