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Loving Review and Chancery Cases - - Mills Norsworthy Turns 21

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The review, consolidation, linking process with the data base continues.  Tonight, I re-discovered this little tidbit.

This is from the Isle of Wight Virginia Chancery Case, found at the Library of Virginia web site.  It is labeled as case # 1884-010.  It is a case concerning Norsworthy and Pittman, covers 80 some pages and tells us the names of the surviving children of William G. and Sarah Dianna (Pittman) Norwsorthy.  

I had never processed this case, even tho I have downloaded it.  In my quick review tonight I found the married name of one of the sisters, and within minutes I found her death certificate, burial place, name of her husband and a possible list of her children, thanks to the Find A Grave memorial for her.  One of the brothers, Richard Elliard Norsworthy, I discovered his approximate birth date from another affidavit signed by William G.  And, I discovered the approximate birthday of Mills, who was the first hubby of my great-grandmother Lorena.  (Some of you may remember Lorena, she had 5 hubbies and my daddy used to tell me he thought she fed them poisoned mushrooms. NO, she did not, but, you know dad's - - - - )

Rough transcription:

I solemnly swear that my son Mills Norsworthy attained twenty one years of age on the 14th day of March 1882 - - -

(next line looks like it fell along a fold line, and is a bit hard to read)

??? & Wilmoth Pittman the grandmother of said Mills, widow of Thomas H. Pittman died sometime in the year 188?

Signed Wm. G. Nosworthy ( by his mark X)

Yes, I love review and Chancery Cases.

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