Wednesday, May 18, 2016

"Over"?? And - - Review!

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I have been processing images downloaded from Ancestry dot com.  I still have about 100 or so Virginia vitals to process.  Trouble is, as I work, I process two, which leads me to go look for more, and I end up with 5 more.  It's wonderful to be so blessed.

The other morning, I decided to work on the Darden clan.  I started processing this document:

As I was processing the facts and the image to add to my data base I noticed the large number 036 and the (over), in red.  Yes, I was reviewing as I processed.  Do I have the information off of each line?  No? Well input it silly girl.  Yes. Is it correct?  Next line - - review, review.

That 036 and (over) stopped me in my tracks.  What I did next was to go back to Ancestry and find the document again.  After just about a minute, there it was.

Here is a screen capture from Ancestry.  If you look to the right side of the image, near the top, you will see a small white arrow in a black circle, if you click on that arrow, you will go forward to the next image.  If you look down at the bottom left, you will see an icon for the "filmstrip".

I hover and opened the film strip.  Note the current image is highlighted (for lack of a better description) in the film strip.

I was interested in the next image, wondering, is that THE (over) image??  Boy, it sure looks likes it might be, it is nothing like the rest of the images in that film strip, and why isn't it?  

Yes, I opened that image to full screen, and yes, I was pleasantly surprised with the results, more information on the cause of death of Mrs. Darden:

When you study documents, do you ever wonder, is there more, a second page? Documents such as death certificates do not usually have a second page, but, if they do, it is worth the effort to have a look.  The thing is, you have to review those images carefully, the hint that there may be more information on page 2 is not always easily evident.

Pays to look at the (over) and review, review, review!  (And, that is why I figure I will never finish my research, and, I am so happy, who wants to be done anyway??)

*  Please refer to my "Disclaim THAT! Beholden to - -"  page.  I was not asked to review Ancestry, I pay my fees, they do not give me special deals.  Etc.  Etc.  Etc.



Joan said...

And the rest of us are lucky to have reviewers like you! Thanks a bundle.

Carol said...

Thank you, Joan.