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Mystery Ship, Aground Somewhere in the Outer Banks, North Carolina :: But WHERE? WHEN? SOLVED!

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(Less than ONE hour after publishing this post and sharing it on FB, two Facebook friends had found the answer.  One happens to be a distant Lashbrook cousin of Mans.  The other is just a great virtual friend.  I have said it frequently, it takes a village.  And, the village rocked it this time.  Thank you both.  For the rest of my great readers:

NavSource Online: Amphibious Photo Archive, USS LST-292


Cleaning, reviewing, sorting, scanning, questioning, researching, start again and again. Such is my life as a family researcher.  I learn something each time, I find new hints, I find stuff in files and in piles that I remember, but, never fully dealt with.  Yes, it is fun.  For me.

Recent find/review/question/research/frustration:

This little book of photos, from my grandmother Florence.  It measures about 4 inches by 4 inches.  (A quick Uncle Google search failed to present information on this name, or at least information that made sense to me at the time of the search.)

Inside the photos are of what appears to be a ship wreck.  Now, anyone who knows anything about the Outer Banks is well aware that there have been shipwrecks.  LOTS of shipwrecks.

Some of these photos scanned and cleaned up better than others.  I have no idea who this gentleman is.

I have no idea who this lady is either.

This one is horribly out of focus:

I find this photo interesting, as they captured a plane passing nearby:

This one, is very out of focus as well.

In this photo, my grandmother is wearing the peddle pushers.  Her clothing is darker in color than what the other 3 ladies are wearing. You can see numbers on the hull, 292. Note the open bay doors and the ramp.  I presume (??GULP??) this is some kind of a transport ship?

This is the last photo in the group, appears to be the last taken, it is the  last in the "book". As far as I know, that is the Cape Hatteras lighthouse.  My grandmother, Florence is the person in the middle of the back seat.

If you can help me figure out what the name of this ship is, and when it ran aground, please give me a yell.


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