Saturday, March 5, 2016

Leonard Trumbo's Tie Do Dahs

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In the possession of this blogger now, thanks to the family and his daughter.

Our knowledge is limited as to the "history" of these tie bars.

Close up.  What we think we know, from his daughter:

"The Ford medal was probably given to him from the Ford Motor Co. as he worked for them so many years. Have several possibilities. I do not remember any particular event where that was given to him but remember seeing both (doo dahs/tie bars) in their bedroom in a box in the dresser drawer. It could have been given to him before I was born.... Maybe he got when he was in Detroit at the Ford school or could it have been a contest of some kind? He was chief mechanic for so many years. Another thought could it be a gift when he left Ford and started running the foundry and his own shop? I know Mom kept it and had in her possession when she passed away."

Close up and some thoughts by his daughter:

 "As for the other - since it has a T on it am assuming like you perhaps that it was a family thing and would love to know if it belonged to his Dad as I never saw my Dad wear either medal. I had forgotten about them until I saw them and was sorta thinking about why Mom never told me what they meant. So much had happened maybe she forgot she even had them in her stash." 

I spent a few minutes with Uncle Google and did not find any hints as to more stories/facts about the Ford Service Merit Club.  The search will continue as time permits.



Jo said...

I asked my partner about these (he's in the jewellery trade) and he reckons that the silvery one has what is called a "retainer" which would be popped through one of the shirt buttonholes to stop the tie dangling if you leaned over. The Ford medal looks like it was mean to be on show. I have some garage memorabilia from my grandfather's days in the motor trade - most notable a powder compact with the MG logo and cufflinks enamelled with "Riley". These were lovely to see, Carol :-)

Carol said...

Thanks Jo. Interesting about your partner's thoughts on the Ford do dah.