Saturday, March 12, 2016

Grinning and Splitting Logs:: David Halterman

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When I can steal a few minutes I link photos and documents I have accumulated in my years of research.  It usually ends up in a bit of time spent reviewing research and a lot of time enjoying the fruits of the years of gathering family.

This is David Halterman, my great-grandfather.  He lived up at the Virginia/West Virginia line right on Route 259. I remember visiting the home many times.  I have very good memories of both David and his bride, Ida.  I have a number of "heirlooms" in my home that came fro the "farm".  They are among my most beloved belongings.

Today, I came across this photo during some review and linking.

David splitting logs about 1960.  On the left is brother, Don, and on the right is yours truly. (Gotta love that babushka).

David died in 1965 at the age of 89, so, he is about 84 here.

Look at that grin on his face.  Priceless.


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