Thursday, March 3, 2016

Not All "Do Overs" Are Painful

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Those that know me, know that I am prone to rants of the negative kind when I have to "do over" chores. Techy "do overs", like fixing software, or data bases when I do stupid things to the data base push my angst buttons.  Yes, I have done a few really stupid things to my data base, like deleting tons of my sources.  That was sad, and I was irritated with myself. I did manage to turn it into a positive activity.  Still, I despise "do overs" and it is one reason I am so into "backing up" my computer and my data files.  In fact, one of those backups is what saved my bacon during that deleted sources fiasco.

Now, there is an exception to my angst over do overs, and that is revisiting online web sites and data bases.  They are always changing, adding new goodies.  I have garnered so much information for my genie from the changes online that I cannot even put numbers to it.  Mind boggling new data comes from those web sites adding, adding, adding.  Yes, it is true, now and then, there are "take aways", data bases shut down or deleted.  Nope, we don't like "take aways".

But, today, I am going to show you a small example of why re-visiting web sites can be a very good idea, the "do over" of a wonderful kind.

Just this week I have been working on many documents I have farmed and are waiting to be linked to my data base, images are wonderful, don't you agree?

Last night, it was time to process the death certificate for one Hollice Ormond (or Ormand) Smithson.  Hollice died at the very young age of 9 months and 8 days.  Just a babe.  His death certificate can be found at Ancestry dot com, in the Virginia death certificates data base.  It is not indexed as Smithson, but rather as Hollice Ormond.  I actually found Hollice's death certificate because of his parents names, Miles Smithson and Elnora Roberts.

So, as I began to process his death certificate I noted that it made no reference as to where he was to be buried.  In 1913 when Hollice died, the Virginia form asked for that data on question number 19.  It was blank.

And, so, I was off, trying to see if I could find his burial place, reviewing all my notes in his parent's text files on my digital data base.  I found I had the family on the 1910 U. S. census of Norfolk, Norfolk County, Virginia, living in the household of Franklin Pierce, age 59, married 37 years, born Virginia, parents both born Virginia, policeman for the city; Sallie A., wife, age 63, married 37 years, 4 children, 3 of whom survive, born Virginia, both parents born Virginia.  There are 3 others enumerated in the household,  Miles Smithson, age 27, married for less than a year, listed as a boarder, born North Carolina, both parents born North Carolina, painter for the US Navy yard.  The others are Elnora (presumed to be married to Miles - see note below, no marriage record found yet), age 15, married for less than a year, born Virginia and a grandson, Franklin Roberts, age 11, born Virginia, both parents born Virginia.  Here is a partial image of the census enumeration.

It should be noted right here, that I have nothing else on Miles.  I have yet to discover his marriage record to Elnora. I have not found him in subsequent census enumerations and I have not found a death record for him.

I do have these notes in the data base, this note was made during prior research, months ago.

Magnolia Cemetery, Norfolk, Virginia:
SMITHSON, MILES G I136 GUS 0 01/11/1913
SMITHSON, MILES G I134 GUS 0 12/15/1911

Hmmm??  I know where I got that information, there is a wonderful web site with Norfolk Virginia cemeteries.  It is stored at the USGenWeb Archives Virginia, THE CITY OF NORFOLK.  It is a treasure trove.  I also know that it has some wonderfully dedicated volunteers that seem to be constantly working on the site and updating the information there.

So, off I went in search.  Let's see if there are any updates.  Oh, boy, were there ever!

Look what the prior entry for Miles G has morfed into.

Smithson, Miles G  November 27, 1876  January 11, 1913  CP 229
Smithson, Miles G    February 17, 1911  December 14, 1911  CP 191

Even better, now I was also looking for Hollice, and guess who I found, on my "do over" research:

Smithson, Hollice Ormand  April 8, 1912  January 16, 1913  CP 229

That is my Hollice.  Wahooo!

And, even better, note that last CP 229, that is the burial location and look close at the Miles who also died in 1913, same location.

And, now note, the Miles in location C 229 died 5 days prior to Hollice.

I have yet to find a death certificate for Miles, even with all this new information.  It is not indexed via Smithson, or Miles in the year 1913.  Maybe I should try 1912??

In any rate, by revisiting, a "do over", of a web site, I find many changes, much new information and this time I found some closure on Miles.

See, some "do overs" are more than worth the effort.  Especially when we are talking online data bases.  I do repeat research many times.  There are times I spend the time and find nothing more, then there are times like this.

Lesson??  "Do overs", reviewing your research, NOT a waste of time.

Good luck in your "do overs"!

* Please read my Disclaimers page here on Reflections.  I use and pay for Ancestry dot com, they take my $$ and have not asked that I review their services.  


Karen Krugman said...

Sorta sounds like REVIEW REVIEW REVIEW eh? Congrats on the good stuff.

Carol said...

You caught that eh? Exactly like REVIEW REVIEW REVIEW.

And, we both know it works more frequently than not!