Monday, February 29, 2016

The Destructive Grasshoppers

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As I research, interesting tidbits of history and information are found.  Like this story about grasshoppers and Orin Shaw's affidavit:


U. S. Land Office}
Bloomington Neb}

October 14, 1879

Orrin F. Shaw being first duly sworn according to law deposes as follows to wit.  that he is the identical Orrin F. Shaw who made preemption entry No 1626 upon NW4SW4 Section 11 and NE4SW4 and NE2 SE4 Section 10 - Town 2 - N of Range 18 W. on the 31st day of July 1873 - - that ever since said date of settlement he has with his family resided upon and cultivated the said tract of land, (ever since he settled upon said land - - crossed off) + That in the year 1874 he had 10 acres wheat and 10 acres corn as crops which were destroyed by grasshoppers + that in 1875 he had in 10 A corn, 14 acres wheat and 6 acres rye which were destroyed entirely except the Rye which was not injured much + that in 1876 he had about 20 acres of wheat and 15 acres of corn and one acre of potatoes 7 acres of Barley - - six acres of Rye, and about 2 acres of garden vegetables all of which were more or less destroyed - - the corn totally destroyed, by the grasshoppers + In the years 1877 - - he had 50 acres in crops of different kinds all of which were seriously injured by the grasshoppers totally destroying 3/4 of the crops + that on account of such destruction by grasshoppers he was compelled to change his preemption into a homestead entry, that he did this on July 30, 1878 - - 
And further affiant saith not - - 

Orrin F. Shaw (signature differs from rest of document)

Subscribed in my presense and sworn to before me the 14th day of October 1879

SWSwitzer Register 

Joel Stanley and Jerry martin being first duly sworn as law provides deposes as follows:  to wit - - they are acquainted with Orrin F. Shaw the above named affiant know him to be a person of respecability, that they have heard read the foregoing affidavit - - and know the matters and things therein stated are true,

Joel Stanley 
Jerry Martin  (both signatures appear to be different than the rest of the document)

Subscribed in my presence and sworn to before me this 14th day of October 1879

* If you find errors, please let me know, I certainly appreciate positive hints and assistance.  It takes a village.

** Joel Stanley, is Orin's brother-in-law.  They are married to sisters.


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