Friday, August 14, 2015

Summer Time Blues - - AKA, Verizon Is On My Crappy List

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I know, it has been a few days since I posted anything here.

Man and I continue to be busy, busy, busy.  We took a long weekend to roll Tana about 100 miles north and back.  It got a bit exciting as when we stopped for a potty stop I discovered the shower door hanging at a very weird angle into the middle of the bedroom/bath area.  Short version:  it was hanging by one screw on the bottom.  We managed to get door off and settled on the bed for the rest of the trip to the campground, where with a bit of huffing and sweating and as much strength as these two "seniors" have we managed to get the door rehung. Then, with a few tools brought over by MOC friend Jim & his lovely wife Bev, we managed to file the bottom of the door off so it would close again.

The rest of the weekend was enjoyable and I am quite pleased with this summer's makeover of Tana.  Still tweaking and fixing, but, happy.

NOT so happy with Verizon.

We went wayyyy over our 20 gigs of allotted bandwidth on the air card (our only method of connecting the computers to the net) in July.  In fact, in 9 days we used 17 gigs??  Say what??  And, one day in August so far, we used well over 6 gigs??  DOUBLE SAY WHAT??

It may be that Windows 10 tried to download.  Funny, Man had no idea he was eligible for the upgrade and did not even know about that little Windows icon in the bottom task bar.  I have NOT reserved. Supposedly, you must reserve to receive anything from Windows. So, why??  Well, who knows?

We have screamed and yelled and did get a bit of a credit on the air card bill from last month.  But, basically Verizon is clueless and of little assistance.

We have turned off all updates on Windows, no auto nothing.  Man is not using his computer except to pay bills.  I have limited my usage, no email programs left open, no Facebook left open (this addicted one is NOT happy, eh??).

I posted this on my Facebook wall, and the nightmare stories from friends experiencing the same sort of thing came pouring in.

Friends air cards showing 1 gig of use while turned off all night??  That sort of bizarre behavior.

So for the next 22 days I have less than 1/2 of the monthly allotment of bandwidth available.  Very little bloggin will get done.  Very little anything online will get done, I don't want to pay what Verizon nicked me for last month. And to think, I did not even have any fun with that extra 17 gigs.  I could have been watching videos or webinars.   How frustrating is that??  Paying mega dollars and no joy.

See ya whenever - - yes, you are hearing me sobbing and screaming and what is that phrase -- madder than a wet hornet??  Or something like that.  You can Uncle Google that for me, I don't have the bandwidth.

Gotta scoot - -  

**  Oh, and Verizon, please find and read my disclaimer on a separate tab/page here on Reflections.  I don't want to use the bandwidth to load and copy the URL here.


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