Saturday, August 29, 2015

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun -- The Wayback Machine -- Reflections Style

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Randy Seaver is at it again on Saturday Night Genealogy Fun.  This time he challenges us to use the Wayback machine to capture the banners of our blog over the years.  How fun, right up my alley.

So, we are off.

2009 to 2010 this was the banner on Reflections:

By 2011, I added a second photo at the top, Tana and Big Butt.  The background color changed. There were also pages to click through to.

2012  The background colors changed, again, hmmm:

2013, there is a new tow vehicle there, Jolly, and once again, the back ground colors changed:

2014, with the page tabs back in the middle:

The current model, basically the same, just more page tabs.

So, not a lot has changed over the years.  Truthfully, blog reading has changed so much over the 6 plus years that I have been blogging that I realized many of my readers never even visit the blog proper. Many read it via readers, like Feedly.  They see the photos I post, but, they don't see the colors, the back grounds, the fun things I tuck in the column to the right or the top or bottom banners/photos.  Other than for my own entertainment, why spend hours tweaking the format.  I doubt I will ever see a reason to change the "fences" photo, it is my "trademark" of sorts.

But, I enjoyed seeing how I have changed the banner here at Reflections over the years.  Thanks Randy.

*  You too can access the Wayback Machine .


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