Friday, July 31, 2015

One Blue Moon, Two Blue Moon, Three Blue Moon, Thank you Photo Editing!

Copyright 2015, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

The Blue Moon is tonight, July 31st.  Won't see another till January 2018 they say.

Last night, we had clear skies.  Well, I thought they were clear.  The moon was almost full, I am calling it Blue Moon Minus 1.  

So, last night, just before I grabbed my pillow and hugged hard, I glanced out the window, and there was the moon popping up over the tree tops behind the house.

So, I grabbed Sony Too and outside I went.  As I tried to focus on the moon to get the "bumps and bruises" to show up, I discovered that there would be NO focusing, seems there was a lot of "moisture" in the atmosphere.  All I was seeing was fussy, almost misty photos.

Funny, the mist does not show particularly well when I view the photos on the computer.  Silly techy things.

It is clouding up right now, not going to hold my breath about possible photos tonight.

And, then, a moment of creative genius struck, otherwise known as "silly Carol".

Here, with the assistance of my loving photo editing program, are three views of the BLUE moon, err, sky, around the misty moon.  

I know, I know, stretching as far as I can, silliness supreme.  Hey, it is hot, it is summer and it is all I can offer. Enjoy!


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