Tuesday, August 25, 2015

I Dream of Barns and Sunflowers

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Near here there is a farmer that grows sunflowers.  Some years we can see his acres and acres of crops from the roadway.  Other years, he either does not plant or he plants where the fields cannot be viewed from that same roadway.

This year, we can see the crop.  However, whenever Man and I drive past there, the flowers are looking east, and I find myself looking at the backs of the flower heads.

There just happen to be a few old barns and buildings on that property that I have been wanting to photograph for a couple of years.

This year, I saw a photo in my creative dreams, the old barn buildings with sunflowers, acres of sunflowers surrounding the buildings.

I could see the photo.

This morning we tried to capture my creative dream.

Only thing, sighhh, the sun was not quite up yet, yes, we were going through there that early, and the sunflowers were still sleeping.  And, there was this little issue of the access road, where I could legally drive and not tresspass, was further from the buildings than I thought, and there were some little rolling hills in between my vantage point and the buildings.

I was disappointed, but, shot off three quick photos.  In my opinion, two are total fails.  This photo was marginal at best.

I cropped the grass/weeds out of the foreground.  I brightened the entire image, and then, I applied a bit of artistic license, thanks to my photo editing program.

The result, kinda artistic.  Not what my mind had conjured up, but, some days you take what you have and run with it.

The Barn and the Sunflowers:


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