Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Love of A Dog

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From the Arkansas City Daily Traveler, Arkansas City, Kansas, published on April  26, 1900, page 2:
     “During his life Joe Grace, who recently died at the Soldiers home, was the owner of a dog, and this dog stuck closer to his master than any brother.  When Joe went away he left the dog with the crony of his later years, Doc Lashbrook, as was stated in this paper at the time of its occurrence Joe death came soon after entering the home.  His personal effects, to-wit, the dog, fell to his friend Lashbrook.  The arrangement seemed perfect satisfactory to the dog, and he has developed the same liking toward his new owner that he showed to Joe, and how the dog is Lashbrook's constant companion.
     Drunk or sober, Joe was never to be seen without the dog, and many a story of the dog's faithfulness is told. The dog is of common stock and his ancestry was always uncertain.”

*  Doc Lashbrook was undoubtably, Aaron D. Lashbrook, born in England, died in Blackwell, Kay County, Oklahoma on October 23, 1921, buried in Parker Cemetery, Arkansas City, Kansas on October 25, 1921.  Aaron was a "country" vet for many years, "Doc".

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