Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Ole Country Vet and the Horse

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Some more fun deep in the land of the newspaper archives.

From the Arkansas City Daily Traveler, Arkansas City, Cowley County, Kansas, published on August 6, 1900, page 1:


A Supposed Mad Horse Causes Lots of Trouble.

Several days ago B. G. Doughty, proprietor of the north Summit street second hand store bought a buck skin pony and used it to drive to his delivery wagon. At the time he bought the pony it appeared to be allright (sic) and continued so until Saturday evening, when it was taken sick with what appeared to be an attack of colic. Dr. Jones was called and pronouned (sic) the trouble congestion of the stomach and brain. He gave the owner of the animal some medicine and it was administered to the horse. He appeared to be getting a little better until this morning when a change for the worse took place. Dr. Jones was dismissed by Doughty who though the (sic, probably should read “thought he”, oops typo) 1900 style had paid out enough on the animal. Dr. Lashbrook came along about this time and said that he could cure the animal. He was given a chance, with the understanding that if he did not cure the horse he was to receive no pay. He was at work on the horse nearly the whole day. This morning the animal became violent and made things lively around the corral in which it is kept. It would bite the fence and anything, in fact, that it could reach. While giving the horse a dose of medicine, Lashbrook received a severe bite on the hand. At last reports the animal was apparently getting better.”

* Graphic courtesy of Daily Clip Art.

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