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Just WHO is W. A. Lashbrook??

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Found, in the Abilene Daily Reflector, Abilene, Kansas, published Wednesday, October 18, 1911 - Page 1


Oklahoma Auctioneer's Story Starts
Extensive Blasting Operations on 
Newkirk Man's Farm.

Wichita, Kan., Oct 18 - - Before he was reported to have died two years ago, W. A. Lashbrook, a veteran auctioneer living at Newkirk, Ok., gave a friend in Arkansas City, Kan., a diagram of an abandoned cave on J. A. Coleman's  ranch, six miles east of Newkirk, which he said contained thousands of dollars of treasure taken from freighters immediate after the rebellion by members of the Quantrell and Dave Pool gang of guerrillas.

The Arkansas City man sought Mr. Coleman's permission to explore his farm for the lost cave.  It was granted and some blasting has been done.  No gold has been found, but the story leaked out about the hidden money, and now Mr. Coleman is entertaining quite a number of treasure seekers who are perforating his ranch with dynamite and gunpowder.  Lashbrook who did not die as reported has joined the fortune hunters.  He has been no more successful than the athers (sic).

Now, many of you know that I have done just a spot of research on that Lashbrook name, and that I have done some in the locales stated.  And, no, I have no idea who this W. A. Lashbrook is.  I even did a quick search on the 1910 census to see if he was enumerated in Oklahoma.  You guessed it.  NOT!

So, who are you W. A.??


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