Monday, December 23, 2013

Nettle's Island, A Unique and Beautiful Experience

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We were able to spend 4 nights here at Nettle's Island before we head out, further south, for the Christmas week with family.  This is a private, owner-owned park.  The residents LOVE it here, privacy; security (they hire their own); great friendships, some of over 40 years standing.

Man and I wandered over to the Atlantic for lunch and photos, isn't that water a gorgeous color??

Man had on gobs of sunscreen.  Contemplating ??

Of course, there are always a few sea gulls to share the beach with.

There were a couple of fellows surfing.  Sony Too and zoom performed quite well, never fails to amaze me.

Looking south:

I managed a short walk on the beach with the boots for support.  We spent some time just sitting at the ocean-side swimming pool, me with the ever fashionable boot.  The sounds of the waves just behind us was so soothing.

Heading back into the park, there is a causeway from Hutchinson Island South to Nettle's.

Boats, decks built over the canals, palm trees, RV living Florida style.

Holiday decorations, it is the season.

The day ends with a lovely sunset, looking over towards Jensen Beach.

Nettle's Island is certainly a unique camping/rving experience.  We met some wonderful, warm, interesting people here.  Thank you Victor for the opportunity.  It is beautiful beyond words!


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Sherry - Family Tree Writer said...

Love the pics! Have a great Christmas!