Saturday, December 21, 2013

THE Trip, THE Encore':: Shelter Cove, Flora, Fauna, Water and Rubber? Rubber is Fauna, Right?

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Remember when we were on THE Trip, THE Encore' ??  This was wayyyyy back on May 17, 2013.  GULP!  I am now 7 months behind in posting the trip story.  Life and issues slowed me down, let's give it another go - -

I left off with this post, if you need to review.  (Sigh)

After our delightful picnic lunch, we continued our drive around Shelter Cove, Sony Too clicking away, here are some of the Fauna, Flora, the Water and - - well, you'll see at the end!

Needless to say, Sony Too and I were maxing out the zoom factor. I use no tripod, so, these photos were hand held.

These three are taking relaxation to new heights.  Yep, photo off center, it's that hand held thing at long distances, it's difficult!

Clams??  Lunch to come, or the garbage from meals past?

Taking a swim.

You know I love fences.  Fences with gorgeous wild flowers, even better.

More wild flowers, more ocean, more mountains/hills, more peace.

Fence, and some sea oats with the flowers.

I have no idea what this is, it is only a few inches tall.  It is so delicate, living out in such a rough environment, the ying and yang of Mother Nature.  I do so love yellow pretty flowers and flowering bushes, but, I have to tell you, they are a bit hard to photograph with my current skill set.

Back in the water, Sony Too and I spy, someone diving.  Have no idea what for - -

Waves, splashing.  Rock, a rough beautiful coast.  Fills my heart with wonder, amazement and somehow with all this wildness, peace.

These were found on the road out, at a higher elevation, sheltered somewhat by the hills, and other foliage, there are varieties that are all yellow and then, some with this red/yellow.  I thought they were a variety of a sweet pea or monkey flower, but I am having trouble identifying it right now.  I thought I had found and saved the identification, and you know, this ole leaky memory, cannot find said information.  They were not a low lying plant, many were 4 to 6 foot tall. So, if you know what this is, please let me know.

And, while, many will argue that this next photo is NOT flora, it is "rubber" burned.  Rubber used to come from a plant, right??   This is the mountain road going in and out of Shelter Cove, it is narrow, it is curvy, at times it is a bit steep, ok, steep.  And, yep, this is the remnants of someone doing donuts/spinouts, probably in the middle of the night.  I have to wonder how much adult beverages had to be involved in this?  Personally, I find it a bit disturbing, and, I'll say it, silly - stupid.

The day is not over, noooo, not even.  Next we shall see some Redwoods.  Magnificent trees.


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Michelle Goodrum said...

Carol, You have some mighty steady hands. The pics of the seals are crystal clear. Love all of them!

The fence with the lavender flowers in the foreground looks like it was designed to be photographed. Love, love it!