Thursday, December 5, 2013

Coming at Cha From Montgomery Alabama.

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We left SE Michigan on Tuesday afternoon. My ankle was feeling fine, never needed a pain pill, it is still a bit sore, and swollen, but, I can walk on it and do stairs carefully.  Had a bit of trouble getting in and out of that tall truck, Jolly.  But, with care, I managed that too.

So, Tuesday evening we land in northern Indiana and sit down to start figuring out where we would go next.

Indianapolis, Effingham Illinois, Memphis Tennessee, Little Rock Arkansas, Dallas Fort Worth, Texas and then, maybe points west.  (Arizona)

OR, Indianapolis, Nashville Tennessee, and points south.

And, it was then, that I discovered the Monster Storm, Cleon, was forming and threatening.


Here is a map, courtesy of, showing this messy forecast:

Even by Tuesday night they were saying places like Jonesboro Arkansas would be having a snarky ice storm.  I have heard stories about those Arkansas ice storms.  No thanks.  Yes, we have a generator, no we do not want to have to use it because we are stuck under half of an inch of ice and mess.

So, the route changed to Nashville, ASAP. We drove 432 miles on Wednesday, arrived just at dark, and prayed that their portion of the storm was not gonna catch us and ground us.  It was still warm there this morning, even tho wet, when we left Nashville and headed due south again.  We ended up for the night in Montgomery Alabama, close to another 300 miles under our tired backsides.

Tomorrow??  Maybe somewhere in the Florida panhandle.

We are tired, we were running like wild people watching the weather apps on the iToys constantly, monitoring the forecasts for many cities at the same time.  Ya, a bit stressful.

We are past (south of) the line of ice.

Nope, that was not fun.  But, we are now warm (for the moment) and the threat of ice is north of us.  We are safe!

Tomorrow????  Not sure I care right now!  LOL  It is time to rest.

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