Saturday, December 28, 2013

Family Time, Scanning Time

Copyright 2013, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

Spending time this week with family.  Family who have provided me with a treasure trove of goodies to scan.

I found this photo, this is the plane I soloed in so many moons ago, I have never had a photo of it till now:

And, here is the flight log from that flight, so many moons ago, see the fifth line.  The log is a two page affair, both pages presented here:

It has been a lot of work scanning all these photos, but, oh, so much fun.  Memory lane is pretty crowded right now.

We have one more day here, then we will head west and north for a months stay in one place, near Tampa.

At this point I have no intentions of preparing a list of resolutions, mine rarely change much from year to year, some are listed on the blog, down below the posts in a block titled:  RFTF to Carol, Orders to Try to Live By.  I am still working on ALL those items listed.

And, now, I have all these scanned images to process.  FUN indeed!



Michelle Goodrum said...

Oh my goodness. I didn't know you were a pilot! Verrrry impressive. You rock Carol!

Carol said...

STUDENT pilot Michelle! Never got the license. SIGHHH

Thanks for dropping by!

Michelle Goodrum said...

You still rock. The thought of flying an airplane gives me nightmares - literally.

Vicki said...

So cool you have the pics! As I read this comment again I realize Michelle must be much like me! To be as aviation oriented as I am and to have a runway right on our property and to have gone up with my teenage boyfriend in his Super Cub from my country road when I was just 16 or 17, you really would

Vicki said...

don't think I finished that comment! Ha! Thought it was sent long ago.... now I don't remember what it said! LOL!

Vicki said...

really think I would not be afraid of flying myself!

Carol said...

OK, now, I am runway green, with envy, not grass.

And, he took off from the road??


Vicki said...

Oh yeah.... The dirt country road! Dirt strips, highways.... He has some stories! 😉 Don't all pilots??

Carol said...

That is great, and yes, I imagine most pilots have stories.