Monday, April 15, 2013

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March 13, 2013, Death Valley

We needed fuel, so, we held our breath, pulled out the credit card(s) and just did it.  Lookie at that price per gallon of diesel, the one in green at the bottom of that sign, yes, that one that says $5.42 per gallon!  GULP!

First card, maxed out:

So, he put in another:

And, after driving to Dante's Peak and to Badwater Basin and back to Furnace Creek, we added another $30.00 or so.  (Yes, donations will be gratefully accepted if forwarded, just ask, I'll get Man to tell you his PayPal account access data!  LOL)

You will note I said it was March 13th.  The forecast temp highs were for 90 degrees F plus a few.  That is warm enough to get even Carol outta her long pants and thermies!  No sweat shirts either.  There was one issue tho, I really needed my hiking boots for support in the gravel and rock.

And, so, here is what the worst dressed, but, comfy tourist wears on March 13th in Death Valley.  Oh, voy! The height of fashion, let me tell you!  Well, at least the pink bling hat is too cute!


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