Friday, April 19, 2013

THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Artist Drive, Death Valley

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March 13, 2013

It has been a rather long day, we have been driving and driving, I have taken mega amounts of photos, by the end of the day, there will be well over 630 photos!  YIKES!

One of our last stops for the day, our last in Death Valley, will be to drive through Artist Drive.

This is a drive that is all about the land forms and colors.  As you can see, the color and forms begin right away.

We drove in a way and stopped at a pull off.  Many were hiking/walking up the hill, we did too.  For my efforts I snagged this panoramic.  The lighting conditions at that moment sure tossed a lot of red into this one, eh??

Back on the one way road, there was a sign that read, "Dip", and yes, indeedy there was one:  You can see just a hint of the flooding that had closed Artist Drive when we first arrived in the park.

And there were curves too. In the far distance you can just see the white (salt) of the valley floor.

This is what we came for, pale colors, delicately arranged by Mother Nature.

Panoramic, still cannot capture the beauty, but, I have fun trying:

Never can take enough photos of such beauty:

Sony Too zooms:

As we head back to the main drive, more evidence of the rain and flooding as well as a magnificent display of land forms, colors, textures, rolling hills and sharp protrusions.  Glorious!

One last stop, a long ride back to camp and our visit here in this magical and strange land called Death Valley will be over.


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