Sunday, April 21, 2013

Life in a RV, Tana Moving Day, All Packed Up

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For my non-RVing friends, family and followers, I thought I would share with you what a bit of "moving" day is like for Tana and her occupants.

Moving day for our gang requires a bit of stashing and packemup.  I travel with plants, dogs, research, crafts and tons of computer gear.  After years of traveling we have our own set of rules that we live by.  Nothing left on counter tops (I have friends that do so and report all rides well, I am constantly amazed by that!)

So, before we can put the slide rooms in for travel, I move stuff around a bit. The plants go on the bed in the front of the rig, in plastic boxes (in case they leak), and yes, there is one cardboard box with 2 plants in it up there too (I don't water them before I box em up, eh?)

Two television/monitors travel on the pillows, screen side down.  And, Man has his computer on the bed as well.  Jackets usually hang from a hook are tossed on the end of the bed for travel if they are not needed to keep us warm while traveling.

Here is what that same bed looks like when the slides are in travel mode.  The bed touches the dresser drawers.  Because this area is partially over the truck, it is quite stable.  We have found a drawer open now and then, but, so far, knock on my wooden head, nothing has moved on the bed.

In the back of Tana, where the front room, kitchen, "office" and dining table are, the futon becomes the depository. There are oodles of pillows, 2 dog crates, two small wooden tables (only one is visible, those pillows are hiding a lot!  LOL), a toaster oven, dog pillow with the top of the Ott light resting carefully in it (not visible in this photo), a wicker basket filled with, well, stuff and miscellaneous items.  You can see that I put stuff down the holes created by putting the wooden tables on their sides, yes, that is a keyboard you see there on the left side of the photo.  On the rare occasion I will find one of the pillows on the floor, but, for the most part nothing on the futon moves either.  Hip Hip Hooray!

I am standing in about the middle of the back of the rig.  The living room/dining room slide is now in, the futon is close to the kitchen slide (which is also in).  The kitchen slide holds the refrigerator, stove, microwave, television, cabinets and pantry.  With the slides in, there is enough room for me to walk to the frig and open it, well, just barely.  But, I can do so.  Seems Cappy does real well tho, as he waits for me on the chair.

Now I have turned around am am looking at Tana's back end. You can see my kitchen table (err, the extension of my office), the kitchen peninsula, the fridge and beyond the stove top and microwave.  My desk cannot be seen in this photo, the side of the slide totally blocks it from your view.  There is no way you are going to get to the kitchen sink either with the slides in for travel.  The iPad awaits, I will carry it out to Jolly and use it heavily all day during travel, it is my connection to all things net and my fav GPS program is on there, have maps, will travel!

And, THAT is how we roll.

You can see Tana in the "living" mode in a post I did back in December of 2010.  The look morfs now and then, but, it is still basically the same. The many links on that post lead to other pages I have online showing Tana in the early days and some of the improvements Man has made.

And, here, I showed off the good, the bad, the real and the ugly of more living in Tana and how I manage my office.


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Karen said...

Looks like you have a great system for packemup - how organized you are! Love the frames/pictures behind the bed! I want!!