Monday, April 1, 2013

THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, Near Las Vegas Nevada

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We visited March 6, 2013.

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area has hiking, a nice visitors center and a 13 mile one-way scenic drive.  We had the fur kids with us, so there would be no hiking.  We managed one or two very short walks from the truck that were no more than 5 or 10 minutes.  After our stop at Bonney Springs where we shared a great burger, we continued our driving in the north(ish) direction to the conservation area.  And, there is the red rock, be still my beiged out, red deprived soul!

There are a few people that enjoyed the hiking trails. Most trails were significant in distance and looked a bit "hilly".  And, isn't this stunning, the way the "grooves" are so deep in the rock and go in different directions?  Just like an artist brush painted them there.

And, there are massive land forms, just in "white".

This one takes my breath away!

And, how bout this?  A little designer rock??  I mean, really, the forces to form these beautiful structures, mind boggling!

This area must have a few tortoises, sadly, we did not see one in the wild.

From the highest point we stopped at, it was so windy you could barely stand. But, wow, what a view.  We had a picnic lunch with us, so we sat in Jolly and ate here, listening to the howling whistling wind.

Not all land forms here are red.

Yes, that thin strip is roadway, kinda shows you how vast this area is and how tall those "hills" are.

After a delightful day we made our way back to camp at Pahrump and were treated to a sorta "reddish" sunset.  I felt someone revived, all that color from the day, feeding my color deprived soul. Yep, red is great!

This beautiful area of Nevada should not be missed if you are near Las Vegas.  Step away from the tables, get a vehicle, go for a ride.  If you do Vegas in the summer, might be wise to check the temps first!  The desert can be brutal.  So, go in the fall, winter or spring!  On the east side of Vegas you might also be interested in the Valley of Fire.  We did not visit this trip as we had been many years ago.  Maybe next time through, as that is another do not miss.


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