Monday, February 6, 2017

White Pass Country Historical Museum

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In July of 2013, three and a half years ago, we spent the 4th of July week in Packwood Washington, in the shadow of Mount Rainier.

There is a lovely museum in town, we spent a hour or so one day and another couple of hours another day.  It was nicely done and represented the area well. 

Here are a few photos:

A sewing basket:

They had a nice collection of dolls, quilts, clothing donated by local residents:

I find it quite humorous that Man's face is all red here, as it appears he is lifting a huge boulder.  He is NOT.  This is a piece of pumice from Mount Saint Helens:

The museum had so many wonderful collections, including a lot of "logging" artifacts.  I am not sure why I do not have more photos, I believe it was the great docent we had showing us around.  This day there was a lot more "listening" than "capturing images" with Sony.

A bike was found outside, I convinced Man to pose for me:

We have found as we travel that many towns and counties have wonderful museums. We see similar collections, clothing, farm tools, and such.  But, each collection is different and is always the work of loving volunteers, frequently financially supported by local businesses and residents supporting their museums.  They honor their ancestors and their homes. Well done!


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