Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Mountain, Waterfalls, Flowers, Snow, It's Time to Visit Mount Rainier, Part 2

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Recently, I shared with you about 20 photos from Part 1,  of our visit one day wayyyyyyy back in 2013 to Mount Rainier.  Here are 20 more photos.  I took about 330 that day.  It's beautiful countryside.

Before we left the Paradise area, we went into the Visitor's Center where we found these topographical representations of the area.

And, lookie here, Stevens Canyon.

Of course, off we went, I mean, why go home the same way we came???

This is Reflections lake area.

Right along the road very near here I found these flowers.  I believe there were a "alpine" variety.  They were quite prolific, the ground was quite wet, so, I had a bit of a challenge to get a good photo, here are a couple:

Can we get enough of this beauty??  NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Believe this is Louise Lake:

We made a lot of stops along our drive.  Columbine:

More water falls at Sunbeam Creek, and a bit (sarcasm) of snow left over, remember, this visit was basically July 4th week.

Can't see the snow???  Cause it is all white??  Well, ZOOM:

Yep, Stevens Creek:

Looks like it was a bit forceful at one time, a bit of debris:

And the waterfall near by.


Waterfalls, cross the canyon, many miles away, very hard to spot, but, ZOOM and we can at least see them:

You can start to see the "size" when we see Man standing at the side of the road beside a wall of rock and mountain:

More of that water fall (there were actually several in that area), this photo was not zoomed quite as much.  Point of interest, we are at about 3790 foot elevation.

We end the day with tunnels, at 12 foot 8 inches, we would not take Tana through here. She would not fit, she is, after all a big girl at over 13 foot tall.

One last water fall near Grove of the Patriarchs Trail, possibly Silver Falls.

We had a delightful day, we were tired, but, still refreshed.  Natural beauty, water, flowers and mountains can do that.


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