Saturday, February 4, 2017

Really, You Just Never Know What You Might See - -

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On our drive up to Mount Saint Helens, parked alongside the road, we found, well, a Montana 5er and a helicopter and a bunch of other rigs, tankers, and another RV.  Even a Porta potti.

Asking around Packwood, we were led to believe this is a helicopter logging set up.  They are allowed to log out trees, but, not clear cut (or whatever that is called).  So, they go in by helicopter, cut a tree here and there, removing same by helicopter.

I would have dearly loved to see some of that while that helicopter was air born.  

The route we drove on our visit to Mount Saint Helens was 131, and it is closed in the winter.

Really, you just never know what you might see along the way, including a Montana and a helicopter perched on the side of the road.


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