Monday, February 20, 2017

The Naming of Two Husbands - - I Love Death Certificates

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During the ongoing cleaning, organizing, consolidating work on the computer files and the genie data base, I sometimes find a document that is just a bit more informative than others, like:

Naomi Eley, born to Stephen A. Eley and his wife Anne H. Edwards.  Up until this past weekend, that was about all I knew about Naomi.

I now know she was married twice, check out box 18 on her death certificate.

Naomi's first marriage was to Wallace C. Varner, by whom she had a daughter, Mildred. And, then, Naomi was married to B. H. Lane.  By the way, B. H. stands for Benjamin Harrison.

I now have Naomi's death certificate, and have located her memorial on Find A Grave. 

I have located the date of her marriage to Wallace via the delayed birth registration of her daughter Mildred.

I have Wallace's death certificate.

I have Benjamin's death certificate and I know where he is buried.

I have the delayed birth registration and death certificate of Mildred.

The information is flowing in faster than I can process it.

I'm having a great time.

Yea, I love death certificates.



Sherry - Family Tree Writer said...

I love death certificates,too!! So glad your info is flowing in!! Have fun!!

Carol said...

Thanks Sherry. The Virginia Vitals on Ancestry dot com have been a gold mine for me. My lines are in Virginia for so long.