Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Quilt of Many Stitches Revisited, It Really is Crazy (Wonderful!)

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The other night I posted about the crazy quilt I have added to my wonderful collection of family heirlooms.

When I posted the link on my Facebook page we had a nice discussion there about crazy quilts, and the stitches and the heritage and customs.  I learned a lot!

Here are two links, Decorative Embroidery Stitches: Crazy Quilting and Crazy Quilt History: A Victorian Craze that were shared.

Then, we started discussing, the spider web (stitch) for luck, as found on the page above about stitches.  They show one.

This led to my spreading the quilt out a day or so later, during daylight hours, and looking diligently for spider webs.  And, taking a few more photos.

I took another photo of the back of the quilt:

I took a closer look at the stitches, and the variety and the colors.  Flowers on the blue are red, flowers on the red are white and the stems are yellow (now, I am sure these are not the correct names of the stitches, my apologies to the purists).

Again, looking at the loops, yellow, red, white, and a blue.  At the top, blue flowers on a red stem go from black to green to blue velvet pieces.

This shows many styles of stitches, the flowers, some herringbone, feather (?), and those long stitches with the french knot as punctuation.

The closest I could come to spider webs were these that look more like star bursts to me:

The more I looked, the more I appreciated the variety and the amazing amount of work involved.

Thanks Minnie.  Hugs to heaven.


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