Saturday, January 30, 2016

Big Ole Tractor

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Spending time with photos and documents from my family history.  Precious memories and now and then, something comes along that surprises me, sends me on research tangents and teaches me new.

Like this:

This photo came from my grandmother's collection.  It is undated, but, I am going to guess it is from around the Depression era.  This guess is based on the fact that I know the men.  One is my grandfather, one my uncle.

But, what caught my imagination and curiosity in this photo was the tractor.  The tractor has Peerless on the side.

Off I went to research.  The first tidbit I picked up was that "rubber" tires appeared on tractors after 1930ish.  I contacted friend Jan, this gal grew up in Nebraska and she knows her farm equipment.  She estimated the build time as between 1915 and 1925, due to the iron wheels.

I found this web site with image and a date.  

I still have no idea where the tractor came from or went to.  Too bad there is no fringe on top, eh?  

The research will continue.  Of course.


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