Friday, January 1, 2016

South, How Far South Can We Go On 1? Key West, Here We Come:: Rolling, Rolling, Keep Them Wheels a Rolling - Winter 2015-2016

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Man had Key West on his bucket list.  And, so, Key West it would be, for 4 nights.  We left from Fort Lauderdale and drove the 180 miles or so.  You know what we saw, right?? Lots of bridges, water, boats of every size and type imaginable and land spaces that were quite full.  And, we did see one alligator crossing the road, he was about 4 or 5 feet long, and was headed to the ditch.  Sorry, no photo.

Loved the turquoise paint in this stretch:

Waterways. boats and homes:

Bridge construction/rehab makes for narrow lanes and slow driving:

Look, at what I was seeing out the side view mirror.  Close, about a foot??  Man did a good job driving.  We were happy there was only one bridge like this on the way down. One was encountered on the way back. (I was glad Man was driving.)

Yes, they fill much of the available land.  There are, though, a number of state parks in the Keys, preserving the "natural".

I love bridges, many are different, a mix between art and engineering.

I discovered on the way back north that the waters were quite turquoise.  The sun and overcast skies and sure give you a different experience.  (This photo, however, is NOT from the way back, no turquoise here.  LOL)

Campsites at Key West were "close".  Driving with Jolly around Key West was a challenge.  Stay tuned and I'll tell you more - - and how we dealt with that one day.

*  Trip to Key West was before the Christmas holiday.  Just trying to catch up a bit.

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